CSC (Common Service Center)

CSC (Common Service Center)

National e-Governance Plan ( NeGP) visualizes to make all the taxpayer driven organizations available to the normal man in his territory and guarantee proficiency, straightforwardness and unwavering quality of such administrations at reasonable expenses to understand the fundamental needs of basic man. Basic Service Center (CSC) plot is one of the vital foundation of the Government vision to engage networks particularly those in country regions by empowering them to get to data, information and abilities through the intercession of Information, correspondence and innovation (ICT). The CSC plot likewise imagines diminishing the advanced separation and boosting private segment to understand the incentive at the base of the pyramid. CSCs are imagined to encourage a stage that will empower government, private and social segment associations to coordinate their social and business objectives and take advantages of data and specialized instruments (ICT) to the remotest corners of the nation. The CSCs are going about as change operators and are significantly more than insignificant assistance conveyance focuses in the country India. A CSC advances provincial enterprise, assembles country limits and vocations empower network cooperation and supports aggregate activity for social switch through a base up approach with center around rustic resident.

Each CSC is to serve a bunch of 6-7 towns, in this way covering near 6.50 lacs towns the nation over. This is world’s biggest Government endorsed ICT empowered network.To guarantee effective usage of the Scheme, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to be specific CSC e-Governance Services India Limited has been consolidated under the Companies Act,2013.


CSC Institutional Framework

1.The CSC environment involves more than one lakh Village level business people (VLEs), 26 Service Center organizations (SCAs-the private accomplice), 35 State assigned offices (SDAs-state government nodal offices) and a large group of open and private elements as specialist co-ops.

2. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) assumes a significant job in supporting the CSC environment. The CSCs are secured under Mission Mode Project of Deity.

3. The significant Stakeholders incorporate the State Designated Agencies CSC plot executing offices at State Government level and they select Service Center Agencies (SCA).The SCAs help to operationalize the Common Service Centers. The CSC is worked by Village level Entrepreneur (VLEs) and CSCs go about as ICT empowered front end at town level where all open, private administrations are conveyed to the resident at moderate expense in a straightforward way.


The mission of CSC SPV

The Mission of CSC SPV is to empower the arrangement of government, private and social part administrations to residents at their doorsteps, at the moderate expense, and in a straightforward way through the CSCs. The agreement of the SCA is for the predefined period; anyway, the CSCs as an administration conveyance outlet will keep on working in provincial India. It is in this view the CSC SPV has been set up as an organization in unendingness to constantly bolster the CSC biological system with no disturbance in administration conveyance to the resident.


Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)

The VLE is the way to the achievement of the CSC operations. While substance and administrations are significant, it is the VLE’s pioneering capacity that guarantees CSC manageability. A decent VLE would not be the person who has money related quality just, however someone who has pioneering characteristics, solid social duty just as regards and validity inside the network. The nature of administration at the CSCs would be as compelling as the nature of VLEs working them. Determination, appropriate preparation, and inspiration of the VLE along these lines assume an essential job in the achievement of CSC conspire. The Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) is the first and the premier piece of e-Governance Scheme. Vayam chooses its VLE according to determination rules recommended by Government. Duties of the VLE are as per the following:

  • Compelling Service Delivery: The VLE will give all the administrations to residents which are given by CSC and in this way, will go about as an assistance conveyance point through which the rustic resident advantages
  • Deals and advancements:- The VLE will be effectively engaged with Sales procedure of the item and administrations given to him with his abilities and socials connections
  • Input:- It is the obligation of the VLE to give the criticism at normal spans to the SCA
  • Connection with government functionaries:- The VLE will keep up welcoming relationship with Government and Panchayat functionalities at the neighborhood level
  • The VLE will guarantee, with no preference, to offer a wide range of assistance to the rustic residents.

VLE Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should be a neighborhood individual
  • Time of Applicant ought to be least 18yrs
  • Candidate ought to ideally have breezed through the tenth level assessment from a perceived board
  • Candidate ought to be conversant in perusing and composing the neighborhood tongue and ought to likewise have fundamental level information on English language
  • Earlier Knowledge in essential PC aptitudes would be a favorable position
  • Candidate ought to be propelled enough to be a prime driver of social change and scatter their obligations with most extreme devotion.

CSC Infrastructure Requirement

  1. PC with Licensed Windows XP-SP2 or above operating system.
  2.  At least 120 GB Hard Disc Drive
  3.  At least 2 GB MB RAM.
  4.  CD/DVD Drive.
  5.  UPS with 5 hrs battery backup/Portable Genset.
  6.  Printer/ Color Printer.
  7.  Web cam/digital camera.
  8.  Scanner.
  9.  Broad band/Wireless data card / V Sat connection

Minimum Working Hours for CSC

 All Working Days = 8 Hours 

Investment Requirement for Services

 Biometric or Iris Authentication Scanner for Banking Services 

Documents Required from VLEs for CSC Setup

  •  UID Number  (Aadhar Card )
  •  PAN Number ( Pan Card)
  •  2 Photo Indoor 2 Photo Out Door With Geo Tag Location
  •  Minimum 10th Pass Qualification Certificate
  •  Cancel Check  of Bank Account
  •  Attached Full Complete Registration Form

CSC Service Portfolio

  1. Banking as Business Correspondent (BC)
  2. Health Care
  3. Passport Service
  4. Pan card Service
  5. Election Service
  6. Jeevan Parman
  7. E-KYC (PVC Aadhar Card)
  8. PEC Resident Enrollment
  9. Public Grievances
  10. IRCTC
  11. Recharge Services
  12. CSC Bazaar
  13. CSC Travel
  14. M-Kisan
  15. CSC Rozgar Service
  16. Skill Development
  17. NIOS Service
  18. NIELIT
  19. GOLS – English for Aam Aadmi
  20. Cricket Strokes
  21. Digitize India
  22. Digital Locker
  23. Other Services