Import Export Code


IEC enrollment is required by an agent for trading or bringing in merchandise. It is a 10 digit code which is given by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT). All organizations which require Import and Export code and the individuals who work together in remote merchandise require Import Export Code. IE code has lifetime legitimacy. Merchants are not permitted to continue without this code and exporters can’t take advantage of fares from DGFT, customs, Export Promotion Council, on the off chance that they don’t have this code.

The IE Code must be requested through citation by merchants while clearing customs. Additionally, banks require merchants IE Code while sending cash to another country. For exporters, IE Code must be cited while sending shipments. What’s more, banks require exporters IE Code while getting cash from abroad. IEC Registration done through DIGITAL KB MANAGEMENT SERVICES are Indian urban areas.


  • All importers who import goods are required to register Import Export code and all exporters need this code to obtain the benefits of exports.
  • IEC code holder does not require filing of any returns.
  • IEC Code is issued for the lifetime and requires no renewal.
  • Even individuals who are proprietors can obtain the code in their name.It is not necessary to setup a business for the same.

Importers Require IE Code

All Importers who import goods into India require an IE Code. The IE Code must be quoted while clearing customs. Also, banks require the importers IE Code while sending money abroad.

No Return Filing

IE Code does not require the filing of any return. Once, an IE Code is issued then there is no further procedures required to maintain validity of the IE Code. Even if import or export transactions occur, there is no need of filings required to DGFT.

Proprietors can have IE Code

Even individuals who are proprietors of a business can obtain IE Code in their name. It is not necessary to incorporate a business entity for obtaining IE Code.

Exporters Require IE Code

All Exporters who export goods or services from India require an IE Code. The IE Code must be quoted while sending shipments. And banks require the exporters IE Code while receiving money from abroad.

Lifetime – NO Renewal

IE Code is issued for the lifetime of the entity and requires no renewal. So once a IE Code is obtained, it can be used by that entity for all its import or export transactions without any further hassles.

Documents  Of Individual / Proprietor / Partner / Director

  • Copy of PAN Card.Passport size photograph.
  • Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card.
  • Authorization letter (In case of Partnership).
  • Authority from other Directors on letter head (In case of company).
  • Copy of Partnership deed (In case of Partnership).
  • Board Resolution/self declaration (In case of Company).
  • Telephone Bill in the name of the Individual (In case of individual).
  • Cancelled cheque of individual.

 Documents Required In  firm and Company  Entity

  • Copy of PAN Card firm/company.
  • Copy of Property papers (If owned property).
  • Copy of Rent agreement (If rented property).
  • Landlord NOC (Format will be provided by us).
  • Cancelled cheque of firm.Electricity/ water bill (Business Place).Telephone Bill in the name of the business.
  • Copy of Service Tax returns (In case of Proprietorship).
  • Certificate of incorporation (In case of company).
  • Bank statement of firm/company.AOA and MOA (In case of company).1 letter head of company (In case of company)

Steps to Process IEC Code 


1.Complete Our IEC Form

First of all fill our simple online IEC code application by add card option 

2.IEC Application Process

We will start your application for IEC  and file it with the DGFT office on your behalf.It will take 10 WORKING DAYS in its processing.

3.IEC Fee 

Pay here IEC export fee of govt and followup with DGFT department for your license.It will take 1 WORKING DAY to process.

4.IEC License sent by courier

Once your IEC CODE registration is completed we will send IEC license to you by courier.